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Who are we?

Our history and services

My name is Naomi Acevedo and I am from the Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico. My husband and our sons came to Philadelphia, PA in 2015, 6 months after I got here. We came to get medical treatment and a better life for those two beautiful and sweet boys (until that time). We welcomed out Princess here, who was born in 2016. We officially started our business in 2018, but we have more than 15 years of experience in this sweet field. My mom used to bake cake and treats and my father-in-law was a baker (we got his recipes). Here we are growing and expanding and incorporating more items to our menu.

Momisima's Creations, LLC loves to create beautiful cakes, sweet and savory appetizers to make your special occasion/event memorable. We specialize in Puerto Rican flavors, but we can do any other flavor requested. 

Give your taste buds a treat at Momisima's Creations, LLC!  We’ve been keeping the amazing people of Philadelphia, PA well-fed and happy with our scrumptious baked goods.  Our original creations and signature products are sure to exceed all of your expectations.  

Some of our products are:

-Cakes for every occasions/event (frosting or fondant)

-Regular and Gourmet Cupcakes

-Decorated Cookies


-Candied Apples

-Candy bar or candy table (cake pops, covered treats in chocolate like: marshmallows, pretzels, oreos, rice krispies, cakesicles, etc)

-Sweet and Savory appetizers (puff pastry filled with cream cheese, puff pastry filled with guava paste and powder sugar on top, empanadas with turkey, beef, guava/cheese or cheese or corn sticks)

-Desserts (flan, cheesecake with different toppings, bread pudin, Charlota cake, etc)

-Puerto Rican bread

We are confident that our original creations and signature products will exceed all of your expectations.  We welcome you to try out our baked goods!

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